A letter from Cllr. Richard Kemp

Dear World Merit friends,

It was 6 years ago today that World Merit was officially launched in the Houses of Parliament on the banks of the River Thames in London, England. It is also the anniversary of Marlou Cornelissen, who is today celebrating an impressive 6 years of work and dedication to our organisation and its cause.

It is therefore a particularly poignant day to officially welcome Marlou in her new capacity with us; World Merit Charity Board is excited to announce the appointment of Marlou as our new CEO.

Marlou was born in the Netherlands and moved to Liverpool, UK in 2013 where she continues to reside along with her husband Jeroen and their daughter James. Marlou joined World Merit in its very early days and has been the heart and soul of the organisation. Prior to joining World Merit, Marlou obtained a Masters Degree in Health Economics, Policy and Law with a minor in Global Health. She is also the Founder of Run for Life, a Dutch charity that has raised over €300,000 for the Dutch Cancer Society.

Prior to her new role, Marlou had served as World Merit's COO for two years. Marlou has gained recognition as a trusted leader in the social space by empowering young people daily and facilitating an environment for them to build their confidence and raise their aspirations. She has been a lynchpin in the success of World Merit and knows the organisation and its vision better than anyone else.

The Board selected Marlou as the CEO due to her diverse professional skill set, her knowledge and experience of working with a global community and her ability to work with a diverse group of stakeholders. Her deep understanding of the space and her decisiveness have moved World Merit forward to where it is today and her hands-on approach will drive the organisation to unprecedented heights.

It is Marlou’s commitment, energy and love for World Merit, our mission and for the community that stand out. Her style and attitude make her a respected and approachable leader. She has been described as a changemaker, a fighter and a trustworthy #MumBoss.

You can hear more from our Founder, Chris Arnold, in his recent blog post where he talks about the conception of World Merit back in 2011 and his recent move to an ambassadorial position within the organisation. We look forward to his continued involvement and invaluable support.

The board is excited to welcome Marlou into her new role, knowing that she will continue campaigning for our work to progress.

Please feel free to reach out to her and find out more about her work for World Merit via 
marlou@worldmerit.org or on LinkedIn. We wish Marlou the best of luck in her new role and we can’t wait to share what she has planned!

Kind regards,

Cllr. Richard Kemp


  1. FABULOUS NEWS!!! I'm so excited for you, Marlou, and for World Merit!

    1. Great News, Congrats Marlou, we look forward to working with you.


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