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Dear World Merit

There is always a time to refresh and renew, and though sometimes it is very difficult to initiate, the time is now. It is difficult because you love and enjoy something that you know must grow and thrive beyond you. It is certainly time for that change in World Merit, and so it is with fond memories of the past and excitement for the future that I tell you that I am no longer the leader of the organisation; the time has come to hand over the role as World Merit moves into a new phase. Thank you so much for your vibrant support over the years, but as founder, I am lucky to have a position that will happily mean I get to stay somewhat involved - in a more ambassadorial role.

The first thoughts of World Merit came in September 2011, with our first brand launch and website in March 2012. The seven years since have introduced me to many young leaders around the world. I have enjoyed the work you have led through World Merit in places like South Africa, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Syria, Iraq, Canada, Ghana, Haiti, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Morocco, Brazil… in fact, in almost every country.

World Merit Day 2014 was one of the best days of my life. The Merit360 programs have been a joy. But most of all, the best thing has been getting to know so many of you driven global citizens. The one that I’ve spent the most time with, Marlou, is taking over as Managing Director of the Charity with exciting developments coming from our other leaders soon. I know she will do the job I have loved so much exceptionally well, and I'm looking forward to seeing World Merit continue to thrive under her leadership.

So, with the urge to refresh and renew, please allow me a final call to action - in Morroco. World Merit needs your help to build upon the strong foundations that we have laid. As partners or participants, I warmly invite you to attend the World Merit Summit in Morocco in August and encourage you to continue your journey towards global citizenship in doing so. It will be an incredible week, and selfishly, I really would like to spend some of my time there with you, our community. I look forward to it!

Chris Arnold,
Founder, World Merit


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