Sustainable energy and climate change from Leonidas Nzigamasabo (President World Merit Burundi)

Sustainable energies, synonymous with renewable energy, are sources of energy whose natural renewal is fast enough that they can be considered inexhaustible on the scale of human time, therefore all energies that nature constitutes or restores more quickly than man uses them and does not pollute the environment as a whole.
We cannot say that before the years 1993, everything was good and holy, but for example from those years in our area we noticed an alternation of imbalance at the environmental level see the alternation of different kinds of political crises that have caused poverty to such an extent that quite a few Burundians have engaged in activities that could cause the greenhouse effect, but it seems that much effort has been made to combat these activities, but we have not been so satisfied that we can sit down, a lot of the effort to put into them is necessary.           
In these past years, quite a few Burundian citizens did not know what sustainable energy means, so many of…

Reflections on 2019; onwards and upwards

What a year! As we were putting together the December version of our Impact Report, we reflect on a big year for the World Merit community.

We have re-connected with many long-term friends and colleagues within the World Merit family. We created beautiful partnerships with likeminded people, organisations, governments, businesses and institutions. We met people who left an ever-lasting impression, who have inspired us to do so much more than what we are already doing.

We reflected and went back to where it all began: We created a touching video of our Manifesto, written by our founder Chris Arnold when World Merit was born.

We stripped down, all in order to see the nakedness, the vulnerability, our mistakes, the cross-roads, the challenges. The teething aches and growing pains. We embraced where we are and celebrated how far we’ve come. We took a deep breath and started to put the foundation back together.

We revisited our vision: We are here to unleash the upcoming generation to create w…

A climate safe world by Carlo Steensma

“We take 100% responsibility and stop blaming others. We see global warming not as an inevitability but as an invitation to build, innovate, and effect change, a pathway that awakens creativity, compassion, and genius. This is not a liberal agenda, nor is it a conservative one. This is the human agenda” – Paul Hawken

Our oceans are heating up at the same pace as if you were running 100 microwaves at the same time, all day and all night. But not just you, but 7.8 billion of us simultaneously. Or five atomic bomb explosion every second for the past 150 years.

Those are just scientific models, showing that the past 5 years have been the warmest on record, that in Bangladesh one in seven people will be displaced and lose 11% of its land in 30 years. But these are backed up with actual events, extreme fires in Australia & the Amazon, floods in India and Indonesia, polar bears walking in densely populated areas in search for food, 50 billion bees wiped out in 1 winter etc. etc. The hea…

7 easy and simple tips for a sustainable new year

Looking back over 2019, what we can all agree upon, is that one of the global issues deserving a great deal of attention and change is our home, our planet. At World Merit, we believe that small every-day actions can make a huge difference in the longer period of time. We say, instead of a few people making tremendous life changes, let's all contribute in one way or another to feel better and have a positive impact on our very surroundings!

So, if you are looking for easy and doable tips to live a more sustainable lifestyle for the new year, here you go:

Take Out Your Bike 

It is no secret that most vehicles we use every day (public transport, cars, motorbikes, etc.) produce harmful carbon dioxide. However, not everyone can avoid using these vehicles due to weather or other conditions. What can we do? Time-to-time take out our bike or take a walk to go to school, work or the grocery store. So, next time the weather is nice and we have the chance to go somewhere with our bike, scoot…

South African Women’s Month

South African Women’s Month August 2019 has been very productive for World Merit South Africa since it is Women’s Month in their country! We are very proud to highlight these reports from Emmanuelle Tshala and Sinolonwabo Xhonti who have so brilliantly expressed the issues women are facing in their country and presented many amazing projects World Merit South Africa have put together to tackle these issues. In South Africa, August is widely known as women’s month. This is a month where attention is drawn to the plight of women in this country and various campaigns are launched in order to further the female agenda.
Like in many other parts of the world, women in South Africa are a significantly marginalized group. This marginalization presents itself in various forms such as high rates of gender-based violence, income inequality, poor access to positions of power and lack of access to basic needs such as sanitary towels. Although this all paints a grim picture for the state of women in…

Social Impact Media Awards

Social Impact Media Awards
As part of the World Merit Day 2019 celebrations, we launched a global challenge in partnership with SIMA!
SIMA is the most renowned global curator in the social impact community, providing independent films to academic and global social justice industries around the world.
SIMA aims to promote sustainable social change, therefore this year SIMA partnered up with World Merit to give the World Merit community the opportunity to partake in the Social Action Media Awards 2019!
SIMA created seventeen films and documentaries, each linked to one Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). For the challenge, our members were required to host a screening, organize a panel discussion and to log the event on the World Merit Impact App. The challenge was a great success with hundreds of people around the world watching educational films, inspiring action towards the SDGs. Each Impact recorded has positively inspired, educated and mobilized support for increased social action in eac…

World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day

Today is a day for celebration and a chance to recognise all the good work going on in the world. World Merit wants to recognize and thank all changemakers taking action across the globe to create a more positive future for everyone! However, we must recognize also that despite all the hard work of change-makers across the globe, we still have a long way to go in achieving our sustainable development goals. In this article, I would like to highlight a story reported to world merit in February which here at World Merit HQ was a true eye-opener to the realities of discrimination and violence some people suffer daily.
Here is Peter and Lan’s Story…

The World Merit team in Blantyre to raise awareness and take action against the immense maltreatment of Aboriginal people in Malawi. It took a huge amount of courage to highlight this topic, but it certainly had a great impact in bringing the discrimination and targeting of Albinos in Malawi to the attention of the country.