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Reflections on 2019; onwards and upwards

What a year! As we were putting together the December version of our Impact Report, we reflect on a big year for the World Merit community. We have re-connected with many long-term friends and colleagues within the World Merit family. We created beautiful partnerships with likeminded people, organisations, governments, businesses and institutions. We met people who left an ever-lasting impression, who have inspired us to do so much more than what we are already doing. We reflected and went back to where it all began: We created a touching video of our Manifesto, written by our founder Chris Arnold when World Merit was born. We stripped down , all in order to see the nakedness, the vulnerability, our mistakes, the cross-roads, the challenges. The teething aches and growing pains. We embraced where we are and celebrated how far we’ve come. We took a deep breath and started to put the foundation back together. We revisited our vision: We are here to unleash the upcoming generat