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SDG 4 Blog by Shaan

SDG 4  Quality Education is an “everybody” goal. When I was in college, I was studying film-making. I had aspirations to either become a documentary film-maker or work in commercial media. One day, towards the last two months of my college education, I decided to sit in on a presentation being made by an NGO working in the education sector. While I went in with no expectations, I have to say now, that this one presentation (and what followed) changed my life.   In that one hour, I learnt about the educational crises in my country. I soon realised that the biggest reason why I was sitting in a fancy college room attending a presentation while someone equally or more capable, talented or bright was perhaps in a slum with no real hope or plans for their future; was because of where I was born. I was born in a family who believed in me and encouraged me as much as they could, to educate myself. Within that one hour, something had changed within me. I had decided that

A letter from Cllr. Richard Kemp

Dear World Merit friends, It was 6 years ago today that World Merit was officially launched in the Houses of Parliament on the banks of the River Thames in London, England. It is also the anniversary of Marlou Cornelissen, who is today celebrating an impressive 6 years of work and dedication to our organisation and its cause. It is therefore a particularly poignant day to officially welcome Marlou in her new capacity with us; World Merit Charity Board is excited to announce the appointment of Marlou as our new CEO. Marlou was born in the Netherlands and moved to Liverpool, UK in 2013 where she continues to reside along with her husband Jeroen and their daughter James. Marlou joined World Merit in its very early days and has been the heart and soul of the organisation. Prior to joining World Merit, Marlou obtained a Masters Degree in Health Economics, Policy and Law with a minor in Global Health. She is also the Founder of Run for Life, a Dutch charity that has raised over €300,00