World Merit Day 2019

World Merit Day 2019!

In 2014 the United Nations officially marked the 24th of July as “World Merit Day”. On the inaugural World Merit Day, a huge launch and celebration was held in Liverpool, UK. Over three thousand young people from around the globe came together to pledge their commitment to transforming our world by 2030. Leading figures from business, politics and human rights, including Sir Ken Robinson and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, were keynote speakers and became new World Merit ambassadors.

Each year since 2014, World Merit Day has grown and spread around the world, with councils and members celebrating in unison. The 24th of July is a day to reflect on the impact that has been made throughout the year, and also a time to strategize for the future. Many councils got together and had a celebratory meal, some also went on the radio and television to advocate for World Merit and the SDGs. For some, it was ‘business as usual’ as they continued creating waves of change and epic impact in their communities.

This year, World Merit has Highlighted five incredible Social actions held for World Merit Day which have created a massive impact towards their community and Sustainable Development Goals.

Ahepe Kpowla, TOGO
This impact focused on SDG 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth
Over 50% of Togo’s estimated seven million people are engaged in agriculture, with over 65% of these households (2.8 million) living in poverty. This Project sought to educate and connect local smallholder farmers. Due to this impact, 65 farmers are now involved in practical field training learning new farming techniques. These farmers have also been rewarded with seed funding from Pont Universel Suisse-Togo.

This impact focused on SDG 1, No Poverty.
This Project focused on homelessness after the council announced that there would be fines for those who, ‘Obstruct pedestrian traffic.’ World Merit South Africa took action to create the, ‘Buy a bed,’ campaign, which successfully provided 125 nights at the Haven Night Shelter. As well as the, ‘Lend a hand where you can,’ campaign, which encouraged the donations of basic but crucial items the shelter needed such as, toilet paper, soap, and blankets.

Kwabre East District of Ashanti Region, GHANA
This impact focused on ALL SDG’S
This project aimed to educate 9 to 15-year olds about the importance of the SDG’s. This workshop engaged the young people by giving them the opportunity to brainstorm and present their thoughts and social action ideas regarding all the SDG’s. The feedback from the young people included ideas such as for SDG 2, zero hunger, increased education on the importance of farming as well as home gardening. This sensitisation day surely inspired many young people. The Great Hope international school set up an SDG club to continue the fantastic work of the young people and facilitate impact.

This impact focused on ALL SDG’s.
This project emphasized learning the importance of the SDG’S through fun activities! ‘SDG Booths’ were set up focusing on different groups of SDG’s. Each booth hosted a new activity to engage and teach attendees about the different social development goals. For example, there were puzzles, memory games and problem-solving activities. The organiser of the even Rabat cried tears of happiness and joy, as he did not expect to trigger the ambition of such a large number of attendees.


This impact focused on SDG 4, Quality Education.
In celebration of World Merit Day, World Merit Ghana visited Ideal College High School to host their SDG awareness campaign which focused on SDG 4, Quality Education. World Merit Ghana wanted to educate pupils on the importance of staying in school and receiving an education in order to combat school drop out and increased drug abuse amongst students. 85 students from different departments took part in the workshop which successfully has led to the creation of an SDG education club at the College.

We look forward to World Merit Day 2020 and the anticipated actions and impact that will be celebrated next year.


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